Weekly Newsletter: May 26th - June 1st


Congratulations to Seifer Swanson!

Photo By: Seifer S., GKHS, Photo 2

Photo By Lucas W.

Message from Mr. Calhoun

Hello GK families and friends,

  1. This week, we will finish shooting portraits. Students must coordinate colors, outfits, props, and lighting choices.
  2. We have focused on creating eyelight and having the eyes of our subjects in focus.
  3. We will add flash and continuous lighting to create low-key portraits with Rembrandt lighting.
  4. You should ask your student about their portfolio website!

Thank you, Mr. Calhoun

Photo by Brooklynn C.

Assignments Being Graded This Week

Photo by Michael Martinson

Mitchell W Calhoun Photography Graham Kapowsin High School Digital Photography 2 weekly newsletter

All Portrait Assignments

Photo By Reagan Sablan

All Assignments by Type

Summative | 70%

  1. Career Exploration
  2. History Revisited
  3. Dreamscape
  4. Rule of Thirds Portraits
  5. Portfolio Start
  6. Fill the Frame Portraits
  7. Leading Lines Portraits
  8. Portfolio Final
  9. Color Emphasis
  10. Vantage Point Portraits
  11. Preset Creation 2
  12. Fill the Frame Pattern
  13. Sky Replacement
  14. Balance

Formative | 20%

  1. Preset Creation 1
  2. All About You
  3. Alphabet Photography
  4. Landscape Photography
  5. Low Key Portrait
  6. Portrait Prompts
  7. Depth of Field
  8. Franklin's Assignment
  9. Franklin's Contest

Participation | 10%

  1. Submit Your Syllabus
  2. Final Reflection
  3. Tech and Art Fair
  4. Top Photos
  5. Submit to a Competition
  6. Attendance
  7. Employability

“The camera is a sketchbook, an instrument of intuition and spontaneity.”